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Wednesday 29th December

Ring muscle-up skill/strength

Perform 5-7 reps of each movement / 15-20 second holds where necessary.

  • A1: Low ring false grip chest to ring hold

  • A2: Low ring false grip straight arm hold

  • A3: Low ring false grip ring row

  • A4: Low ring assisted pull to 90

  • A5: Low ring assisted ring pull-up

  • A6: Top support A7: Bottom support

  • A8: Transition switches

  • A9: Assisted low ring muscle up

EMOM x 18 minutes

  • A- Strict ring muscle-up: 3-5 reps

  • B- Machine calories: Row/C2 bike 18/15 Air-bike/Ski 15/12

  • C-REST

  • D- American KB swing 15 reps 32/24kg

  • E- Handstand walk: max distance

  • F- REST


  • A- Assisted Strict ring muscle-up 2-4 reps for quality

  • B- Machine calories: Row/C2 bike 15/12 Air-bike/Ski 12/10

  • C- REST

  • D- American KB swing 15 reps 24/16kg

  • E- Max wall climb

  • F- REST

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