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06 Sep

Member of the Month September

Our member of the month for September is…….. Leigh Gregg

Leigh has been super consistent since she started with us and she has seen some major improvements along the way.  She always asks for advice from the coaches with regards to the workouts although sometimes she hates us mid wod 😉  She understands where her strengths are and is always looking to work on her weaknesses and focuses in on whats needed whether that be training or nutrition.  She had to be one of the easiest nutrition clients I have ever had the privilege to coach.
Well done Leigh, its thoroughly deserved.  Keep it going.
Here is what she had to say when we caught up with her.

1-    How did you hear of CrossFit

I first heard about crossfit in South Africa from my dad, he went to a session at our local box and told me it was something he thought I would enjoy so I went to check it out and was instantly hooked! Before moving to the UK I looked up the nearest box to our home (which was 13) and joined as soon as we were over here.

2- What is it about CrossFit specifically that you like compared to other forms of exercise

 Most of all I enjoy the community! I love the encouragement you receive whether you are going for a PB or just trying to finish a workout. It’s one of the only sports where the loudest cheers are for the last one to finish a WOD.

I also love that each day is something different and you turn up and get it done regardless of whether its movements you love or hate.

3- What do you hate about it

ALL the running!!!

4- What are your fitness goals for this year

Get a Muscle up!

And to generally get better at all the movements and try to RX most of the workouts.

5-  What’s your favourite workout

I love a partner workout! I also enjoy anything with a barbell and no running.

6- How would you describe CrossFit 13 to someone who hasn’t been here.

An awesome community where you are encouraged and pushed every day to better yourself and reach your goals. You will also make lasting friendships with other people who are just as fanatical about crossfit.